Question Laptop webcam stopped working

May 16, 2019
One day my integrated webcam worked, the next day it didn't and hasn't since.
Under device manager, I had no "Imaging devices" listing, and no cam under "Sound, video and game controllers". Then under View, I checked show hidden devices and Imaging devices appeared, with my cam in it. But the cam still wouldn't work.

As suggested by online guides, I tried clicking roll back driver, but after asking if I really want to, and clicking yes, it wouldn't do anything.
Then also as suggested, I removed the device (and driver) from device manager, and rebooted, but Windows didn't reinstall the cam and now it's gone. I clicked action>scan for hardware changes, but it didn't work.

Settings > Privacy > Camera > "Let apps use my camera" is checked.
I have no camera app under Settings > Apps > Apps & features > Camera. I don't think that's required though is it? I think that's one of the many default apps Windows installs that either I or my work tech support removed, as they did remove several of them through pushed updates not long after we got these laptops.

I downloaded HP Universal Camera Driver for my laptop model from HP's website.
The driver unpacks to C:\SWSetup, which leaves a bunch of folders and subfolders and no instructions (unlike what the driver website says, which is follow the onscreen instructions). I went to C:\SWSetup\SP85691\Realtek and ran setup.exe, which seemed to install it, and I rebooted. But I still don't have the cam in devmgr.

FYI, other choices the downloaded file unpacked were:
under C:\SWSetup
SP85691 (this is also the name of the original file I downloaded, so not sure why the other two folders are there)

under C:\SWSetup\SP85691
Realtek (in device manager, my driver page said Realtek)

Not sure if it's related but the internal mic also stopped working a few months ago, and I've been using a USB headset mic instead. I haven't tried installing new drivers.