Laptop whirring and freezing

Oct 7, 2018
This all started about a week ago, where my laptop froze upon raising the lid. When I booted the computer up, it asked if I wanted to boot from Windows Boot Menu or the Realtek PCI card.
-- This freeze was accompanied by a pink BSOD, the pink color clearly looked glitched.

After a few cycles of turning it off and on, it finally booted to Windows, and no more problems happened jntil today, where the laptop does two weird things:

- 1) I can hear some random clicks every so often, maybe every 5 minutes or so, but they're irregular.
- 2) Sometimes it will start doing this pattern of low-pitched whirring, high-pitched whirring, then silence, each for 2 seconds. When this happens, programs freeze (or will refuse to open), and nothing will respond (not even the Start Menu or the Control Panel).

When it freezes, I have to turn off the computer and, often, 1) will happen. Sometimes, by tilting the computer (although this might just be a placebo effect), I can manage to get the computer out of this whirring pattern, and then it will respond again.

This all makes me suspect that the HDD may be damaged in some way, since I believe that the freezing comes from the laptor being unable to access any system files when the HDD fails.
-- However, I must add that the laptop hasn't received any strong blows or falls.

If my warranty hadn't run out less than a month ago, I would have just sent it in for repairs, also, I need the laptop right now, so I was hoping to find out if it is urgent or not (so I can wait a few weeks before trying to fix it), if it is a software/hardware problem and what options I might have.

Thank you to all in advance.