[SOLVED] Laptop wierd popping noise

Jan 20, 2019
So last night I noticed some popping noise, mainly when I tilt it and wiggle the screen. I opened it up while turned off and I THINK I heard it again. I tried finding the source and I think it was tape that made the sound when I clicked it but Im not sure... Components cant make sound when turned off right? If not then it must be the tape/some part moving losely or even the chassi right? Trying to pin down what it is. And do you think I should worry?

EDIT: It's an asus rog strix scar 2 2060
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If it's making a noise when you move it.....and it's off....I think it's something moving around in there.
The only reason I would be concerned is....if it were a screw or something metal moving around in there as it could short something. Other than that.....if it's just tape or plastic.....I don't think it will harm anything.