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Question Laptop Wifi adapter missing


Jan 21, 2014
Hey there,

I have a Lenovo laptop in which the wifi was working fine, then one day the wifi option just disappeared from my laptop.

I checked device manager, and network in control panel the Wifi adapter and option was missing.
It doesn't show up in windows 10 network settings, only ethernet is seen as available.

Here are some of things I tried:
  1. Go to device manager scan for hardware changes - it didn't detect the wifi card.
  2. Go to Lenovo support website and download latest wifi network drivers, installed - nothing changed
  3. Physically checked if the wifi card/adapter was connected well to the laptop motherboard - it was connected fine.
  4. Go via BIOS to do system components diagnostic - This option seemed to be the best as I'd seen it produce good result for my problem,
but my Lenovo laptop didn't have that option, I was only able to get into the BIOS, and the windows troubleshooting screen, not to the diagnostic page which id seen (granted that was for an HP laptop)

OS: Windows 10
Laptop company: Lenovo

Please do help me out with this problem as soon you can,
I'd really appreciate it