Laptop wifi card with 2 different antennas

May 18, 2018
The internal WiFi antenna of my laptop was cut by the hinge when it went loose and got stuck there. (The antenna passes from the motherboard, through the hinge and up to the top of the laptop, glued behind the LCD)
So I took an old laptop I had, and took its antenna, disassembled the laptop (remove LCD, took off the old antenna, glued the other one behind the LCD) .and for now it's working, although I'm not getting the best signal.

I noticed this card actually has 2 antenna connectors(It was using 1 only in the first place)
So I have 2 questions:
1) Was it OK to simply take the antenna with this tiny UFL connector from a different model laptop and plug it, or it has to be compatible somehow? (Because my WiFi is working now, but not sure how good it was to take a different antenna module)
2) Is it OK if I take another antenna from another old laptop and plug it to the second connector on the WiFi card? (So that I will have 2 different antenna modules)



Dec 15, 2017
A Wifi antenna is a Wifi antenna, sort of. They are electrically lengthed out to be optimal for the frequency ranges that Wifi uses, the 2.4 GHz spectrum and the 5 GHz spectrum. You should be able to use any Wifi antenna from any Wifi device on any other Wifi device, provided that you are using the right antenna on the right connector. Now, the Wifi card has 2 connectors because it uses 2 antennas. If your Wifi is still working it is because your network is on the antenna that wasn't damaged. You just won't be able to use the other spectrum networks.

So, if you cut the 5 GHz antenna lead, then be sure to use a 5 GHz antenna to replace it.

Hope that helps.
May 18, 2018
Thank you, I had no idea that each antenna is for different band, I thought it was just for making the signal better.
Is there a way to know which antenna is for which band? Because I actually found 2 antennas from same laptop that is unused and both have the same plate at the end, but 1 cable is colored black and the second is white, and the white is longer. Any guess as to which cable is for which band? Or I will to guess?
There is not a huge difference between 2.4g and 5g antenna,the optimum length is not that different. Most routers for example use the same antenna for both signals. It would likely work ok even if you connected them in reverse.

Newer laptops like most modern routers use multiple antenna at the same time. They use multiple overlapping signals on the same radio frequencies to increase the speed. So your new card may use both antenna connections for say 2.4g or 5g. It will likely work even if the antenna are not designed for that purpose.

Antenna in laptops are a pain to get installed properly the wires are so thin and you can damage them easily.