Question Laptop wifi connection stops working (only this device and only this router)


Dec 22, 2016
Hello all,
I have a Dell Inspiron 7548 and the internet connection is solid and consistent at school, home, and on any other connection I've tested. However, when I'm at my girlfriend's house, the connection will stop working seemingly randomly. I can resolve the issue temporarily by restarting, but it inevitably will happen again. I've tried a few different things like installing drivers, wiping/installing, resetting router. Nothing seems to work and it's very strange because this is the only device that this happens on there. The laptop will maintain full bars of wifi, but nothing will load, download speeds go down to almost nothing. Using the wifi on my phone or her phone it works just fine, and this has happened every time I've used my laptop there so it's a consistently recurring issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions for things that I can try? Thanks

EDIT: Her router is some kind of Linksys, not sure the exact model but if it's necessary, let me know and I can find out.


Did you check if your laptop loads fine with an ethernet cable there?

Firewall is set correctly?

Is a time set in the router when wifi is on or off?

Do you use your laptop with the charger or only by battery there?

Does the router log anything?