Question Laptop will not boot without ram being removed, Asus Zephyrus S GX701GX.306

Aug 11, 2020
As tile says, I was playing some VR and suddenly my computer froze. The screen still displayed but nothing was working with the fans turned on to full blast. I did a hard restart and the laptop would not boot at all. Eventually I figured out by unplugging the battery and resetting the cmos battery and removing the ram I could get the darn thing to boot. I also discovered that putting the ram back in caused the computer to turn on, fans spin and keyboard shows light animation, but the screen stays dead and will not boot. If I remove the ram the laptop boots just fine. I ended up buying a replacement stick but that too had the same issue. I then bought laptop to desktop ram adapters to see if the ram worked on my desktop, it did both sticks would boot just fine for the desktop. The memory slot itself looks fine no bent pins nothing dirty, used some compressed air to see if that would help, it didn't.

So I am guessing this is a hardware issue and something went bad the day it froze. Just sorta hoping that maybe there are more things I can try to do to fix this issue the laptop literally went out of warranty 2 months before this happened and I'm not going to have the cash to fix it any time soon as I suspect a motherboard replacements for this machine will be a pretty penny. Thanks for any help or ideas or just simple confermation that yup I'm sol in advanced :)