Laptop with Docking station and Desktop plugged into same monitor. Desktop always takes priority. Any way to switch?


May 8, 2019
I have a normal desktop PC setup with an HDMI cable going to my monitor.
I also have a docking station for my laptop set up with a DP cable going from the docking station to the SAME monitor.

What I want is to to keep my desktop set up like it is, but be able to bring my laptop, connect it to the docking station, and have it work with my main monitor. The issue is that the Desktop is on, it takes priority of the monitor.

Is there any way to be able to switch between the laptop and desktop displaying on the monitor? Right now I'm having to just unplug the HDMI from the back of the computer, then the laptop will take control on the monitor. This is a pain though and it seems like there should be an easier way, like choosing the Input on your TV.

Not sure if it matters, but the laptop is a Dell and the docking station is something standard like a "DELL D6000 UNIVERSAL DOCK". Not that same type, but simple and standard. USB-C connects to the laptop, DP connects to the monitor.