Question Laptop with high nits value ?


Apr 4, 2019
Guys - I currently using a Dell 7490 which is just average when using in sunlight outdoors. I tend to use my laptop outdoors a couple of times a week. I'm looking for a 15.6 or even 17 inch replacement for it. Is nits the only factor I should go with or does display type and what the screen is made of make a difference in outdoor usability? Should I be going crazy with 1000 nits laptops like one HP makes?

If you can recommend a few laptop models I should consider, that'll be helpful - I just do web browsing, Outlook email & spreadsheets mainly and my employer will be paying for it so anything under $2500 should fly. Other users are getting Macs but I'm just too comfortable staying in windows land as I'm so used to it

Nothing is going to be great in direct sunlight. You'll have to turn up the brightness, which will drain the battery faster. Also note that long exposure to direct sunlight can actually damage a computer screen.
Higher nits, brightness at max, and a matte screen is the best you can do in this instance but it won't be great.