Question Laptop with high PCH temp?

Jul 10, 2020
I recently bought a sager np8358f2-s.
I was amazed at the low CPU and GPU temps in the 60s and 70s while gaming but then noticed my PCH was pegging up to 87-88C . Even when letting the chipset cool down and idle for a while it still pegs around 65C.

Looking inside the laptop the chip does not have a heatsink and is away from any airflow. I wanted to use a thermal sticky pad with a small copper heatsink but I am afraid over time it will become loose and bounce around in the chassis causing a short circuit. I also can't use thermal adhesive to permanently bond the heatsink to the chip because that would most likely void my warranty.
Anyone have a solution or know if these temps are dangerous down the road to causing the chipset to become loose killing the board like with the Xbox 360's red ring of doom?

Below is a screenshot of the inside of the laptop so you can see where the chipset is.