Question Laptop won’t turn on but power light is on after trying to install ssd

Jan 16, 2020
Please help. I have a samsung notebook 7 spin. The model is NP740U5L - Y02US. The laptop has a 1 TB HDD and an empty M.2 slot. I purchased a 250gb Samsung 970 ssd today, took apart laptop and installed the ssd in the m.2 slot. I had to unplug then reply a cable to get to the M.2 slot. At first the laptop would not power on and the power light was simply constantly blue. I redid the cable that I had to unplug and found I didn’t plug it back in properly. After fixing this the power button now works as it did but my computer still won’t turn on. With just the ac adapter, no battery the blue power light turns on but nothing happens. When the battery is plugged in then the blue light turns on and the computer seems to turn on for a second, fan turns on and backlit keyboard turns on for a second with screen still blank and then they both stop and nothing happens. I’ve removed the ssd and this still happens. Tried connecting to an external monitor but it’s not the screen. I’m really not sure what’s wrong. The power light turns on and off accordingly but the computer won’t turn on. I tried blowing some compressed air inside the open laptop before closing it after installing the ssd. I’m not sure if this did something. Please help me.