Question Laptop won’t turn on

Mar 28, 2021
Hi, I have a USB fan that’s plugged into my laptop. I turned it on whilst the laptop was shut, the fan stopped and the laptop won’t start now.

It’s a dell latitude 3510 and has an integrated battery. I’ve tried unplugging the power cable and holding the power button down for 30 seconds etc and it won’t start. The laptop is also one of those ones that doesn’t actually turn off, but is asleep, so when you open the screen it turns on by itself.

The stupid thing is I’ve done this before, and about a week later the laptop ended up turning back on. Does anybody know what I’ve done to the laptop here? And is there a quick solution to fix it? (Should I take the laptop back off and disconnect the battery?) I will definitely not plug the fan into the usb anymore and will use a plug socket instead now!


You will need unplug the battery.
Unscrew and remove the bottom cover.
Unplug the battery cable from the battery.

Leave the battery disconnected and connect the power cord and power the laptop.
Be careful not to touch any area under the laptop. You could place the bottom cover momentarily without screwing it.
After the laptop powers up, disable Fast Startup and shut it down properly.

How to disable 'Fast Startup'
Go to Settings->System->Power & sleep->Additional power settings.
Click on 'Choose what the power button do' link
Click on 'Change settings that are currently unavailable' link
Uncheck 'Turn on fast startup (Recommended)'
Click on 'Save changes' button

When Fast Startup is enabled the system does not completely shutdown, so it could get stuck when it isn't done properly.
If you have an SSD, then 'Fast Startup' is just a nuisance. If you have a HDD then the boot time might increase.

Also you could set the Power button to shutdown the laptop instead of going to sleep.