Question Laptop won't boot, makes ticking sound and shuts down. Boots without the hard drive.

Jul 3, 2021
Recently I had this issue that my laptop would keep shutting down possibly because of overheating.

My laptop CPU would reach 70*C extremely quickly after which it would shut down.

I replaced the thermal paste (with arctic mx-4) but that didn't solve the issue so I undervolted the cpu and gpu as well and it seemed to be working.

It didn't solve the problem completely but laptop was usable and wouldn't reach CPU 70*C (shut down temperature) as quickly as before.

It worked fine for a few weeks.

Since yesterday my laptop CPU started reaching the 70*C extremely quick just like before and was totally unusable, so I decided to reinstall the windows (factory reset).

I repeat the process 3 times (I did make pretty long breaks in between to make sure it completely cools down) but every time after getting to 10-15% my laptop would just shut down (overheating?)

Then I opened my laptop and turned it on and noticed that the fan isn't spinning (laptop wasn't under load, was just turned on in windows recovery, so I don't know if it's normal for fan not to spin).

So I reset the ram (took out and inserted again) and cleaned the fan with a straw (battery was disconnected).

After that moment, my laptop won't boot at all. At first my battery indicator was red (it wasn't full) but even after a hour when the battery fully loaded, laptop didn't turn on.

When I press the power button, laptop starts for like 2-3 sec, there is a ticking sound and it turns off immediately, after that power button would just light up for a second every 5-10 seconds but nothing happens.

I didn't make any changes and didn't damage anything in the process, ram was replaced just normally there weren't any difficulties.

Things I tried:

- disconnecting the battery and turning on the laptop with only AC adapter in

- disconnecting the AC adapter and turning the laptop on with only battery in

- removed both rams (one each time) and trying to turn the laptop on with only 1 stick at the time

- "hard reset", holding the power button for 30 sec with everything disconnected

none of these worked..

I was reading a little and it could possibly be the hard drive, but then it wonders me how come hard drive became a failure after just ram reset and cleaning the fan.


I was scared to do this, but I just removed the hard drive AND THE LAPTOP BOOTS.

Should I insert the hard drive again, will anything bad happen? Or do I have do buy a new one?

I put the hard drive back in after a few hours and laptop can boot I'm successfully in windows recovery. The battery is still disconnected, it's running on the AC adapter. Is hard drive the problem? I have no idea why it happened earlier please help..
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Jul 3, 2021
So - HDD is the problem.
Replace it - with an SSD.
Thanks, I though to do that, but for now I'll buy a HDD just so I can use my laptop.
Do you maybe know if any of these will be compatible with my laptop? Does it matter if it's SATA or SATA ii as long as it's 2.5 inch?