Question Laptop won't continue to boot in to Windows unless I press any key ?


Feb 6, 2018
Hello, i got an ASUS X441U with Intel Core i3, Nvidia 920MX, 4 GB DDR4 RAM, and Windows 10. It was working fine until yesterday, but now when I turn it on the boot process isn't normal. I have to press any key after pressing the power button in order for me to proceed the booting and landing on Windows Desktop.

Well, to make it simple, my current booting process works like this:

1. Press the power button, the laptop starts, storage drive also working, but the screen is black and not showing anything.

2. Pressing any random key brings up the Asus logo and booting continues successfully to Windows Desktop.

Keyboard and other component all working perfectly

It just strange since i did not change anykind of settings wether it's in BIOS or Windows, it just happen suddenly. I have searched for solution like reinstalling the keyboard driver, adjusting the power setting, resetting the BIOS configuration, etc. But none helped me, so i'm making a new thread here in hope for an effective solution. Anykind of help would be a great help, thank you.
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You might want to see what BIOS version you're currently on. Perhaps you might be in need of a BIOS update. To add, can you check and see what version of Windows 10 you're on? We're currently on Windows 10 version 20H2. I'd advise on also backing up any and/or all critical data in case you might need to reinstall the OS.

Speaking of OS, was the OS on the laptop at the time of purhcase?