Question Laptop wont display BIOS on external screen after BIOS reset to default settings.

Jul 10, 2021
Recently was able to get MSI Whitebook MS1763 gaming laptop with busted screen with GTX 880M 8GB.
Was able to boot laptop in to bios and displayed on external screen trough VGA cable. After resetting BIOS to default settings laptop wont display BIOS to external screen. At first I was thinking maybe VGA cable goes bad but it work just fine on another laptop with another screen. I try it to display BIOS on 2 different monitors and with different types of cables ( HDMI, VGA, HDMI to DVI, USB to HDMI) but no luck. I would like to change some settings in BIOS but can't make it laptop to display BIOS on external screen at all.

Forgot to mention. At first I only was able to make laptop display BIOS on external screen after disconnecting laptop internal screen.
I try all combination you possible can imagine but no luck to get BIOS on external screen.

Not really wanna buy it new screen for laptop at price mark $130 soon is planning to use laptop with much bigger external screen.

Installed Windows 10 on laptop shows up just fine on external screen with any cables mentioned before.

I would really appreciate for any help at this point.

Thank you.