Laptop won't load Safe Mode, Last Good Config, desktop, anything


Mar 8, 2012

A few days ago something strange happened to my computer. I suspect it may have been a virus but I really don't know.

I was on a seemingly harmless website for learning Spanish and after clicking a button my computer froze and wouldn't even load Task Manager, so I shut it down forcefully with the button after several minutes. After restarting it seemed fine, but the next day I noticed everything was loading slowly, from internet pages to desktop programs and iTunes songs were skipping. I tried running a virus scanner but the computer froze again and had to be forcefully shut down once again. However, it didn't start back up like normal.

When I turn on my laptop, it says 'Windows has failed to start normally' and something I can't remember about recently installed hardware issues but that's not the problem. After pressing F8 to try Safe Mode, it has a page loading drivers and whatnot, but then it restarts and gives me the same 'failed to start' page. 'Last Known Good Configuration' just gives me a black page with a cursor. 'Launch Windows Repair' or something (which is right after initially booting) does nothing at all.

Please, can anyone give me some advice? How can I troubleshoot a computer that can't load anything?? Thanks!

On a working computer, Download & burn Kapersky Rescue Boot CD or Flash drive (if that pc will boot from USB) All Instructions are on the site.

Plan on spending a few hours from download to finish !

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