Question Laptop won't power up, no signs of life after going through airport security X-Ray ?

Jan 24, 2022
I know it's very unlikely that x-ray device harm electronics. But I have a laptop lenovo z5070 , 7 years old it's still nice to use some basic purposes, I upgraded it with a SSD drive one year ago. 4 days ago I scanned my backpack through x-ray device at airport with 2 laptops in it. I little doubtful about this but it's happened anyway. The newer laptop in it intact after the scan but the lenovo one is dead i think, no reaction when I press power button or novo button. Tried without battery, still no response, then another charger, no response.

I think motherboard power circuit somehow dead. Is there chance that X-ray cause problem like this? Local repair shop says , 5V or 20V mosfets are the problem maybe. Charger is 20V 3.5A and exact model of laptop lenovo z50-70 type 80e7 . Any repair guess, help? What do you think? Laptop works fine 5 days ago. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

There is a note , one sign of life is every time I deattach and reattach the battery then press the button charge led and power led blinks then completely turn off no reaction when I press power button second time no charging led if I connect charger at this point. After reattaching battery the led says it's charging and charge adaptor making some barely noises like it's charging but when I press the button both power and charging led blinks again and noise in the adaptor shuts off. It's not like charging anymore, is there short-circuit somewhere?