Question Laptop won't project at 2nd monitor at any frequency only at interlaced ones

May 19, 2022
I have an MSI Laptop, 1920x1080p, 144hz, with a 3050ti NVIDIA Graphics Card
My Monitor is NVISION also with 144hz capability

Before I was able to project my laptop to my 2nd Monitor both at 120Hz, 100Hz, 75Hz, etc, but now, the 2nd screen wont have any signal and does not project any display except when I set the 2nd monitor's refresh rate to interlaced ones (60hz interlaced, 59.92 interlaced, etc)

What seems to be the problem with this? Is my actual HDMI port broken or is there any settings that would fix this? I remember the time it last functioned well, was when I plugged in my laptop's charger to the electric socket. Does this indicated my HDMI port for the laptop is broken?

Additional Info:

I have laptops and they project pretty well with my NVISION so I can assume my 2nd monitor does not have any problem.
I tried using DP, USB Type C to HDMI but none of it works, I also tried using a 3rd monitor and still it does not project anything. It detects the monitor but no signal.