Question Laptop won't turn on


Dec 13, 2020
My laptop won't turn on. There is a red light on, indicating the battery is charging. Normally when i press the power button, a blue light turns on. But every time i press the power button, no blue light turns on. I tried draining the laptop of static electricity. I removed the battery and all external components and the adapter, and pressed the power button for 30 seconds or 1 minute. It didn't work. How do i turn my laptop on?


How do i trace power across components myself?

Being schooled in and/or having an understanding of small electronics and componentry. How and where to expect power to be at each part based on its purpose and design.

It's really nothing to take lightly or to go just probing around on because you can readily cause more harm than is already present and actually could hurt yourself.

Take it to a shop.


I live below the poverty line.

That certainly isn't going to protect your possibly damaged laptop from more when you go mucking cluelessly inside. I don't know what your solution would be as I don't know your situation.

I don't mean to be harsh in putting it this way. Electronics of this nature are generally difficult to repair. Often the manufacturers don't make service information readily available, much less parts. It is just not something for the uninitiated to do.
Even at that, if it does need something like a battery, for instance, what would you have to do to make that happen for it?

I wish you the best of luck.