Question Laptop Workstation for architect


Jul 27, 2015
Hi everyone. I have been thinking of ditching my Macbook since it almost always runs hot and struggles when multiple softwares are open. I have a desktop at home but i want to bring my work with me to school and not be forced to go home to do the "heavy" workloads. I'm an architect and work in software applications such as Rhino, indesign, photoshop, premiere pro, lightroom and illustrator, while i run spotify or youtube vidoes on the side. I'm looking for a laptop that can run those applications pretty smoothly and that doesn't go obsolete in a year or so. I live in Denmark and have a budget around 1300$. In Denmark most things are a bit more expensive than US so the budget might be a bit smaller relativily.
I dont really play games but i still believe that a dedicated GPU is needed for 3d rhino work, if im not mistaken.

It would be a huge help if you people could throw some suggestions/recommendations in a comment, im a little unsure how important GPU and CPU is compared to having a large ssd for this kind of work - and what ram is sufficient? Maybe you have the same kind of work and a good setup for that you can share?

Thank you, and take care out there!


Nov 17, 2008
I've been doing a lot of research recently. It seems that most consumer laptops are thin and light and put a powerful CPU in it and it will run hot, and this may force the CPU to throttle down. The best I've found in the thin and light is the Lenovo Ideapad 5 with Ryzen processor. If you want something with sustainable power then you have to look for the gaming laptops. They are made to deliver power so they control the heat a little better, but they are a little heavier. Some of the best of those right now seem to be the HP Omen and the Lenovo Legion.