Question Laptop's CPU is overheating after RAM upgrade ?

Nov 9, 2021
I have a 2 year old Legion Y540 with i5 9300h, gtx 1650, 8gb ram, and 1tb ssd, and I recently upgraded the ram by adding a new 8gb 2666 stick to the laptop, everything runs fine, however the cpu started overheating since I installed the new memory. Before the upgrade, the cpu used to have 65-75°C while gaming with heavy graphics, and it was always at 80-100% power, and the gpu had similar stats.

But now, the cpu has 85-95 degrees with 90-100%, and the laptop actually feels hotter than before. When I opened the laptop to install the new memory, the inside was pretty clean with almost no dust, but anyways I cleaned it with canned air, and I didn't touch anything except the ram slot. Can I still play with those temperatures, or should I stop using the laptop?
Here is an image of the cpu stats while playing forza 5 with high graphics.

On a side note, seems like the laptop only uses 11-13gb of ram when gaming instead of using the 16, is this normal ?
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