Question Laptops for Business? (UK)

Aug 14, 2019
I've been tasked by work to have a look for some laptops which the business can use and should be golden for around 3 years worth of usage. While I've built my own PC and big gamer myself (reason they tasked it to me) I just wanted to check with the pros before I hand in any suggestions.

The budget is "I don't care I just want some good laptops", which I'd take between £600-£1000 realistically. This is light program usage office based, and will hopefully be dual screening at 1920x1080 when I convince them that second screens are better for productivity than an extra £100 on a laptop.

I was thinking:
i5 @ 2.8GHz or higher
SSD @ 240gb (we mostly use dropbox for the majority of storage so this will be whatever is saved offline + system and any extra files)
No graphics card
15-16 inch screen.

Does this all sound sensible, and does anyone have any good suggestions as to laptops, or at least a current brand or website which is reliable and not stupidly expensive for small businesses.

Cheers in advance!


I would think you're on the right track.

At the pricepoint, and depending on the volume required, you're probably best just looking to the retail channels opposed to anything specifically geared for "business".

From a strictly value standpoint, I'd give some consideration to mobile Ryzen5 laptops.... maybe even Ryzen3 given the uses.

I did find this Ryzen5, but it's only a 14" display - at <500quid.
For the money, if it were me kitting out a fair few people with decent laptops that'll be serviceable for the tasks required for ~3 years, I'd actually look to this 15.6" Ryzen3 3200U for ~350quid.