Laptops mainly for gaming


Dec 17, 2012
First things first. Please don't start with the "ermagerd get a desktop herpderp", no, desktops are fat and bound to one place until they die. I hate being immobile above all else.

Second. I am not from UK/Ireland, fairly far Eastern Europe so ordering something from abroad is really expensive with the shipping.

I've got a couple I would love someone to look upon and give a general rundown on how good CPU/GPU is compared to others. I am not aiming for high end gaming. Most of my gaming time is spent on games like LoL, SC2, Planetside 2 and that is about it. Aside from occasional rogue-like games like FTL.

Packard Bell ENTV11
CPU - AMD Fusion A6-4400M Dual-Core, 3.2 GHz
Chipset - AMD A70M Fusion Controller Hub
GPU - AMD Radeon HD 7670M 1 GB DDR3 VRAM
RAM - 6 GB

Acer Aspire V3-571
CPU - Intel® Core™ i3-3110M Processor, 2.40 GHz (Ivy Bridge)
Chipset - Intel® HM77 Express
GPU - NVidia GeForce GT630M 1 GB
RAM - 4 GB