Question Laptop's screen doesn't work on Windows, but work on Ubuntu

Jan 13, 2021
I hope this topic is in the right place.
I am using Asus K401LB.
My laptop's built-in screen won't show up after Windows update. My laptop has Windows and Ubuntu dual boot. The monitor's behavior:
  • It doesn't show logo during boot (Asus) and the boot menu.
  • It shows up logo and boot menu when I use HDMI to external screen.
  • If it boot to Ubuntu (by default), built-in screen works normally (and also the multiple display mode).
  • If it boot to Windows (while using HDMI so I can see the interface), the built-in screen doesn't work, nor the switching display function. Windows just tells that my laptop has only one display (which is external monitor).
  • If I boot from WinPE (from USB) or another external drive, the same thing with Windows above.
  • Updating the latest BIOS (from 205 to 300), the procedure failed at the final step (Erasing - done, Programing - done, Verify - failed). However, my BIOS version still shows 300, which is newest.
From those symptoms, I can't tell if the problem is hardware or software, or does Windows update cause it or just coincidence. One assumption I have: some connection pin of display cable is broken, but it doesn't affect the data transmission of the cable. Windows and Ubuntu's drivers are different in the way it communicate to the display, and Ubuntu method can bypass the broken pins.
Someone says lid switch circuit is broken, while the computer store tells me the graphic card has fault, motherboard needs replacement.
So can I get some advice from you? Thanks.