Question Laptop's screen flickers when i launch a game in fullscreen

Nov 25, 2019
This issue happened suddenly and for the last week i have been trying to solve it, in every game i run it flickers on the end on the screen, when i switch to windowed mode the flickering stop. and i tried using hdmi cable and it worked on my tv screen while it was flickering on my laptop screen at the same time, i tried hard reset, a format for the windows and drives, reinstalled drivers, and tried going back to an older nvidia driver and still no solution i will put 3 videos to show the flickering and how it was working on tv and flickering on laptop at the same time, i used Ddu to remove everything and when i tried it after ddu and before i installed the nvidia driver again. it wokred without flickering but was soo slow (cuz no driver was installed for sure) and after i installed Nvidia driver again the flickering came back so i assume its something in nvidia drivers but i can't figure out what is it, i tried everything in nvidia control panel and nothing worked
I have an hp omen 15 laptop
120 Hz
Nvidia Geforce 1060 Max Q
16 Gb ram
core i7 7700hq this is a link for my dxdiag file

a link for the 3 videos showing the flickering on laptop
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