Question Large Amount of Wires, Need a hanging solution


Jan 2, 2015
Hey guys, sorry I didn't really know what to name this post, but thanks for clicking!!
So basically I am running a bulk amount (5+) of CAT6 wires underneath my house. I am looking for a solution to hang these wires together, instead of using separate cable clamps. I just wanted to get your ideas on what type of hangers I should use. I am looking for something to mount them to wood, so preferably either a screw or nail mount. I have looked into a few options, but any suggestions from prior experience or ideas are fine! Thanks a lot everyone.
for just few cables like 5.. you could just use normal cable clamps meant for bigger cables. Bear in mind though that gravity tries to do it's thing with time and will stretch said cables down if not attached often enough. This can degrade signal due to pair twisting getting out of shape.

Also if you pick this method, choose clamps that do not squish your cables together and attach them often enough. (foot at most)

Edit: this 1 inch clamp is pretty much just about enough for 5 cables, if you plan on having more.. you would need bigger clamps.


Under the house will be a damp location. So metal is probably not optimum. Search for "plastic j hooks" . They are used for hanging pipes. Plenty big and strong enough for cabling. If you want, put some velcro on one or two.