[SOLVED] Large Capacity / Enterprise Drives

Where do consumers buy large capacity high end drives? In my gaming machine I was running 6 TB WD black drives as my data drives (x2). I've run out of space, and need larger drives. I look around, and settle on some HGST drives (at least the Ultrastar 10TB DC HC510). What I found was Amazon, NewEgg, etc, generally don't carry drives like this. Third party sellers sell these drives on their sites but then you don't get a warranty through HGST, only a warranty through the seller? WD's website shows sellers but none of them show these HDs as available for purchase.

Those Ultrastar 10TB DC HC510 drives were actually available oddly enough from NewEgg, last night, so I did order 2 of them. However I have a couple more computers, and would prefer larger drives if available? Anywhere I can order this stuff and actually still qualify for a full warranty, or do I really have to use some sketchy third party seller? Is there just not much demand in the consumer market for large capacity drives?
30 second search to find a 14 TB Seagate that's cheaper than the 10 TB Ultrastar.
I want something I don't have to worry about it. While Seagates are easily obtainable, they've always seem to have questionable reliability. Some people have no problems, some people don't have such good luck. This honestly will be the first time I've stepped away from WD drives (although HGST is a WD company now) since I've had such good luck with WD.

Based on the part number this drive is an HGST DC510 that is available on amazon.
LInks to an Authorized retailer? What I ran into, is yes these are listed on Amazon, but sold through third party sellers (not Amazon). The "problem" is they only have a warranty through the sellers directly. Generally 2 years. NOT a 5 year warranty through HGST.

You are basically buying a drive with no warranty. Granted it's a HGST drive. However I'd like to have the peace of mind and just buy the drive from a reputable place, even if that means paying a bit more.
One of my favorite IT vendors that I purchase from at work is Provantage. That link says they have 1300+ 10TB drives in stock...
That looks perfect, and they are even in the same state as me. Looks like they carry the entire line of HGST drives too. So I'm not limited to 10 TB.

The two I ordered from NewEgg yesterday are supposed to show up tomorrow. I'll be interested to see how they compare to my WD Black drives.