shattered space

Dec 18, 2010
I got my entire build ready to order, I'm starting to order it tomorrow. Please make sure everything is compatible and will work together. I can usually do this for other people but I don't trust myself with something expensive. I left a few things out of the build because I have spare parts, that I will upgrade later. I just want a computer I can use for the moment. -Case -Thermal Compound -Mobo -PSU -CPU -SSD Boot Drive -RAM -Hard Drive -DVDR

I have - monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard, video card, video card adapter


I would have to agree that if you spend money on an SSD now, make sure it really is fast and generally Sata III.
If you can't afford a reasonable one, you are better off saving that little bit of money and going with HDD only.

One of the best choices for a mostly boot drive is Crucial M4 64Gb $116.49
It's fast and it is big enough that it allows you to install some or all of the most used applications on it as well.