Last minute indecision


Oct 13, 2012
I was always planning on a 7870 2gb...(wanted msi, asus or gigabyte) but apparently has a sapphire for $240.00

I recently stumbled across a comparison that doesnt use the standard framerate methodology and so now the gtx 660 comes out way ahead. Does the "Ti" make a difference....and how does one make a decision between the 7870 2gb, (for 240 thats ggod even though it is sapphire)....and a 660Ti 2gb (for $306) OR 7950 3gb (for $312)
My vote is GTX660. The Ti is an excellent card, but only adds ~10% on the GTX660. If you do decide to go with Radeon anyway, I'd stick with MSI or Gigabyte like you originally planned. Had several bad experiences with Sapphire, though I was probably just unlucky.