Question last vs 2nd gen 240HZ Tn panels and toms hardwares testing methodoligy

Nov 11, 2019
First of all no hate for my name please tom is my actual name.

I own a pg258q from asus which uses AU optronics first gen tn 240hz panel, my friend recently got the aorus kd25f which uses a 2nd gen panel. out of curiosity i ran a number of things with the window split across both screens.

Tom's Hardware measured the total input lag of the asus with flat 20ms back then. the kd25f was actually at 23 despite faster pixel response times. however pointing a 960fps slowmo at both screens it was clear, that the aorus was ever so slightly ahead in everything i ran.

Did toms hardware change testing methods between the reviews of both monitors? i mean theyre almost 2 years apaprt after all. OR might it be that a firmware update titled input lag and responsiveness fixes, that was released a week after the review by gigabyte has improved the kd25f to the levels of the other monitors that use this panel, namely the acer predator xn253 and the alienware aw2513.

Just asking if anything has changed on the end of the ppl running this cause im always kinda skeptical on firmware updates actually doing anything.


There will always be some variance between panels. They are binned and graded just like other electronic components. I assume these have G-sync modules? Nvidia is always going to be working on those, as well as the video drivers. Anything they can do to streamline the pipeline.

Who knows, maybe Gigabyte is paying more for their batches than ASUS and getting slightly better ones?