Late 90s kids' game involving zeppelins/airships?


Jan 18, 2013
I remember this game I used to love when I was little, but all I remember is like these two scientists or something, and they were trying to build a zeppelin/airship to get to somewhere. As the player, you had to find all the components of the airship and they had to be the right size. I was probably only about 5 or 6, but it was extremely difficult with a lot of technical language, so I think it might have been aimed at 10/11 year olds ....

Any ideas? (Also, it was animated and it had these little video sequence things whenever you got the right part)


Jan 25, 2011
Is it Gizmos & Gadgets?

It is a platformer kind of like Donkey Kong and you have to collect vehicle parts while avoiding some monkey things. Once you have collected all of the parts you need you go back to your garage and put your vehicle together. Ultimately you have to beat another evil scientist in a race.

I think there are different sections of the game that allow you to build different vehicle types including cars, blimps and airplanes.

We used to play it at school because it was marketed as an educational game.

I think I d/l'ed it from an abandonware site a few years back for nostalgia's sake.