Question Late display during power on with random display goes off after computer turns on


Aug 4, 2017
I know this is a repeated question but I had to post it after I tried different solutions from this forum. So there it goes.

When I press the power button, the processor, graphics fans started running and the monitor light kept just blinking, no display (not even all the BIOS/bootup info). After 20 - 30 secs (time to boot the machine), the display comes back on login screen. After login the display sometimes goes off for 2- 4 secs and then again comes back. Now if I restart the machine then no display problem found during start up (I can see the bios info also). Notably sometimes the HDD LED light is not turned on at all though the system runs.

Things I tried so far:
  1. Check the video cable - WORKING
  2. Check the monitor with other machine - WORKING
  3. Check different output like VGA, HDMI, DVI-D - WORKING
  4. Removed graphics card & set primary display output to IGFX
  5. Remove RAM, clean and put back to different slots
  6. Remove all power cords from motherboard & hard disks and connect back.
  7. BIOS reset to default optimized settings (fast boot is disabled)
  8. CMOS reset
Now the late display problem not always happening. Whenever I face the problem, I shut down, power off from main broad and again power on to see if the problem occurs again or not then I don't face the problem but sometimes. Also I still get after login display goes off for 2-4 secs and then again comes back problem.

Now my machine runs on minimum hardware to find the problem.
  • No graphics card attached, primary display comes from integrated graphics
  • No USB, audio jack
  • Only SSD is connected (FYI, I have dual boot, windows, hackintosh)
What am I missing? Any help will be appreciated.
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