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Dec 28, 2020

Weird latency issue while using the following (both brand new):

Got ethernet connected to the TP Link, which runs through apartment wall where I plug an ethernet into wall and into my computer. Any ideas? My only idea is that the ethernet cable from wall to PC is a 100 ft slim ethernet cable and its causing the issues? I really don't know :(

I basically play FPS games like CS GO and Valorant and ever since i got to this new apartment, it feels like every bullet registers slightly delayed and i feel like i cant even react when ppl peek me even though I've got no packet loss and low ping. Ive played CS GO competitively at a decent level so I know what the game should feel versus what it feels like now. I am at a loss honestly, It makes it much less enjoyable.

My other specs:
i5 10400
1660 gtx nvidia
16 gb ram
mobo h410m

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just the only one i had laying around and it was slim kind so it was easy to fit near trim.
Generally, I don't think cables are an issue, but I believe this one may have potential to be the cause. Get a normal 20ft or whatever length cable and test it out by just plugging it in (don't route it) and see if there's any difference. If so, you found the culprit--crap cable.
What happens if you actually test the latency.

If you leave a constant ping run to say in a background cmd windows while you play the game. If you quickly switch over when you have issues in the game do you see large variations in the ping times. Anything less than about 30ms difference you can ignore.

Cable issues generally cause packet loss or low transfer a port running at 10 or 100mbps when it should run gigabit. Games are not really affected by the transfer speed most need well under 1mbps and if you see no loss then it is unlikely the cable. Your best way to rule out the both your long cable and the in wall cabling is to connect directly to the router with a short cable just to test.



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