Question Latency spikes every 10 seconds of 3000 MS

Feb 2, 2021
I had an issue regarding bandwidth and my ISP has sent me a new router. The new router has solved the bandwidth issue but has created a latency issue of ping spikes up to 3000 MS every ten seconds. The frustration is that I did not get ping spikes when I swap back the old router so it leads me to think the TP Link Archer 4E adapter is not the issue. Confusingly other devices such as my laptop can connect to this router without ping spikes. Based on Tracert and ping -t testing I cannot understand which is at fault. I did a full reset of PC and reinstalled Windows to check it was not another program interfering with no luck. I have changed bandwidth and channels with also no avail. The ping spikes makes the internet virtually unusable but the bandwidth itself is up at 200 mbps.

I have tried using CMD "Auto configuration has been disabled on interface "Wireless Network Connection" " function with no luck. Deativating policies in regards to OneDrive too. Full reinstallation of windows 10 and updating all drivers and windows updates.

Any thoughts?
Did you ping the router IP or some other IP.
What happens if you ping one of your other pc. It would be best if the other pc was connected to the router via ethernet. The difference between ping the router ip and another pc is the traffic will pass between the 2 pc only using the wifi chip and the switch it should not pass the cpu and its software. Although it somewhat software it is the firmware in the wifi chipset not the firmware running in on the router cpu.

The autoconfig things is one of the prime causes of this issue but with it off it can't be that.

Make sure you are running on the same wifi channels and radio bands both with the new router and the old.