Latest Drivers for Mobo


Dec 6, 2006
In anticipation of new motherboard I figured as usual I'd get the latest chipset drivers for it.

Board = Asus P5W DH Deluxe

Having had only nforce boards before I am use to going to nvidia to get my platform drivers. Where do you go to get the intel ones? or from Looking at I couldn't actually see a chipset AIO, only sound & raid etc. And looking at it is like I turned it into a foreign language :S

Is there a specific place to get them or will i be subjected to my cd-rom :\


Jan 9, 2007
Intel will tell you to go to Asus.

I personally think that's hogwash, but that's what they'll do.

The argument is that the MB manufacturer has certain customized components that the generic chipset drivers woulnd't work for.

Right. And monkey's are flying out of my b*tt. Look, there goes another one.

If the chipset was modified by the MB manufacturer sufficiently to warrant unique drivers, then why didn't this oh, so technically astute MB manufacturer just manufacture their own chipset? Because its a lie. MB builders buy off the shelf parts, use the circuit designs provided by the chip manufacturers, glue it all together, and stamp 'em out. There is very little actual creativity.

Oh, sure, the chip manufacturer design may show a .01mf capacitor with no specifications, and so a cheap mb will have low-quality/generic .01 and a good one will have more expensive parts, but they don't decide (for the most part) that the board needs a .01. Sometimes a design will fail in the field necessitating some minor EE, but they didn't invent that circit design.

BIOS are a totally different story. Go to ASUS, as the MB is a collection of components that an intel BIOS won't work for.