Question Latest firmware for Extreme Networks C5K125-24P2


May 22, 2019

We have a Extreme Networks C5K125-24P2 and are looking for the latest firmware: C5-Series We intend on stacking these switches and we have to have them all on the same firmware. Since these have gone end of life, Extreme Networks is not allowing us to download the firmware from their site. Does anyone know where we could possibly download from? Appreciate any help on this.
Generally the only way to get software updates for a commercial switch is pay a montly fee. They tend to lock all the software updates behind a login paywall. Many times they have a way to prevent you from paying for say 1 device and then loading it in on multiple.

When these devices become end of life they generally give lots of warning, like years, so you can get the last firmware updates.

But the short answer is you are not going to find them and any one that would provide them to you would be in violation of the license agreement. Pretty much if you buy commercial equipment on the used market you will not be able to get software upgrades. Kinda why end of life equipment is sold for almost nothing.