Latest Nvidia Game Ready Driver Prepares You For 'Destiny 2' Beta, 'ARK: Survival Evolved'

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Did they finally fix the driver update process? I haven't upgraded in a while now because of the hassle. I see no mention of it being fixed or still an issue, so can anyone confirm if it is/was fixed?

Funny how people claim AMD has bad drivers, yet I've only ever had problems with nVidia's...

When I try to upgrade or clean install the driver package, the process freezes, ultimately causing Windows to crash. When Windows starts up, the driver is partially uninstalled and the display and resolution is jacked up. I have to go in to safe mode, run DDU, then look over the registry for geforce experience keys and remove them or I wont be able to install the new driver.

I have zero issues, until I try to upgrade or clean install.

They had acknowledged the issue, but I haven't seen it in the release notes as fixed or still acknowledged.
I would say be careful upgrading any laptop's video driver and use only the drivers listed on the Asus web site. Often, a laptop's GPU is a proprietary version of the actual GPU with modified power/cooling/physical spec/etc... requirements.

I had the same issue with an Asus laptop that had a Radeon 7970 in it. Asus quit updating the drivers for their version of the 7970 about a year after I bought the laptop and the standard AMD drivers from the AMD website would not work correctly.

The moral of the story here is if you're buying a "gaming" laptop, prepare to be locked in time with regard to your video drivers after 1-2 years after the laptop's release. Further, you'll get fewer updates than Nvidia or AMD puts out within that time. Also, only use the drivers you can download from the vendor web site (in this case Asus) or proceed at your own risk.

It's in the non-existent fine print.

This is why I have never taken any laptop with the label "gaming" seriously since I owned my own Asus ROG "Gaming" laptop.

Well, I don't take the "Gaming" tag on any machine seriously. I watch the specs and try to check reviews, companies, even reputable ones like ASUS, throw that work around way too much. That being said, from what I've read about this GPU is that it's the desktop class model, however, unlike the desktop 1060 3gb, this one has all the cores unlocked like a 1060 6gb, just half the VRAM. There is no integrated GPU enabled on this laptop.

I know AMD's and nVidia's drivers can be problematic with Optimus and switchable graphics, but I don't have either of those. This is my second laptop with nVidia graphics and I have always used the nVidia website drivers. I am very careful about updating and wait a week or 2 before I do, to make sure I don't get a driver that cooks my GPU.

This is/was a known issue and I have been waiting for nVidia to fix it, but now it seems they just stopped acknowledging it.
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