Win 10 Master
The only major downside is its exclusivity to enterprise users.
Stops looking for widget

Wonders if there are any amazing features yet to be added to 11 to make anyone lose their brain over not being able to install it. Its sort of boring right now.

I don't see why anyone would care or run around trying to get a tmp chip when its just windows 10 with a different UI. So what? No wonder win 11 is being made to not work with shell replacements as on the surface, they are MS biggest competition . All it does is sells a new shell every 5 years and idiots go mad breaking their PC to get it.

No wonder all the review videos show the middle aligned start menu and are all running at 720p to make the icon animations actually stand out, as really that is main difference you see for 10 minutes before aligning it to left where it belongs... then a few weeks later you only remember it is Win 11 on shutdown

Impress me Microsoft!!