Question Latest Windows Update Breaks Many Antivirus Programs


May 17, 2014
This is the best time to switch to Linux. I am normally OS agnostic and find pros/cons in each platform, but after working in even the Medical Software industry I am horrified at how toxic these updates are becoming.

I now use Manjaro and Kubuntu on all of my devices, I have Office 2016 and proprietary software (mostly) working under Linux, with the web versions working flawlessly. Now that I'm able to launch 90%+ of my Windows-only Steam titlesusing Proton, and the fact it comes working out of the box in Manjaro should have Microsoft worried.

The revolution is coming!


Aug 22, 2016
Actually since the latest update Kapersky Internet Security 2019 works fine, but now when I reboot my pc Windows Defender Security Center does not load correctly so have to reboot the pc a few times to get it to load correctly at windows start up, using Windows 10 pro. So not only has Microsoft created bugs related to other antivirus software but they have created bugs in there own security software.


Nov 7, 2008
Everyone is assuming/reporting 3rd party anti-virus is causing the issue... which may be the case.
However, that is kind of like saying that people with PCs are affected... somewhat vacuous.

Here, I have an Acer laptop with no 3rd party AV (removed completely over a year ago)... crawls after login since Windows 10 updated on the 9th.
Some programs take 1 hour to launch. Task Manager opens in 2 or 3 minutes if you wait 10 minutes for the desktop to finish loading.
Works fine if you can live life on that time-scale without anger.

Who knows, might be something else going on, as USB drive with some programs installed loads those programs quickly.
I was going to install an SSD on it anyway and have one ordered, since SMART has been monitoring a few hundred sectors for a month.
I just wanted to clone the drive to it first before taking further action. Restore point from 9th didn't install for some reason.
Hopefully that is all it needs, since I would hate setting up the OS after a complete system restore.

Edit: It turns out that the Toshiba HDD has reached its end. Connected drive to another PC and Macrium Reflect struggles to image it. It is sad that Windows 10 decided to update (pushing the drive over the edge) rather than gather SMART info to see if the update made sense in the current health context of the drive (and suggest to image first). The drive belongs to my son, but ultimately I will be the one to install Windows if the image does not complete or work once restored to the new SSD.
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If you stacked up reports of microsoft updates / service packs breaking something that wasn't obviously broken before....well, you might want to do that in a cathedral....something with a 30 metre vaulted ceiling outta do it.
Mar 20, 2015
A recent change to a core component in Windows 10 seems to have broken multiple antivirus programs.

Latest Windows Update Breaks Many Antivirus Programs : Read more
I'm curious as to why I haven't experienced any problems after installing any of the Windows 10 updates. My system is used primarily for photo processing using Lightroom, or Capture One Pro. I use Avast antivirus without any issues.
My current system configuration:
Motherboard - Asus X370-A
Memory - 32gb (16x2) Mushkin Redline 2666 (runs good at 3000)
CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 1800x
Graphics - AMD Radeon Pro WX5100
Primary SSD - Samsung 850 Pro 256


I think that it was early last year, or late the year before that, where there was an update that rendered some large percentage of win-machines unbootable. It was more of a non-issue for me, so the incident didn't stick in my mind with any sort of clarity.

With microsoft, though, any such problem is just the latest in a decades-long string of problems, really....the lag-time required to test service patches in a production environment means that those machines are left vulnerable, or operationally substandard, for ridiculous lengths of time.