Question Launching games from M.2 ssd crashes system!

Oct 4, 2018
Good evening. I own a Lenovo Legion Y720. I have this ssd for some time now and it sometimes did this in the past but I did something and it fixed the problem somehow.

This time though the issue insists. I launch the steam platform and it is all fine and dandy but it starts downloading a game update but cannot use the disk. Downloads but no disk usage. After some time the laptop crashes with a DPC Watchdog Violation. I tried removing and putting the ssd back in but nothing. I tried to find any issues with software from Kingston and other independent programs but no issues on it's health. I can open picture files and I can search through the files in the ssd but I cannot launch a game. It crashes and sometimes shows pink/green distortion on the bottom half of the screen on the sad face blue screen crash.

I tried to update the BIOS and it said I had a newer version that what i was getting from the official Lenovo website.

I tried to find the power management settings in my BIOS to make some changes according to some advice I saw but there are none in my BIOS for some reason.

Computer runs smoothly other than that. Just crashes if I launch a game/try to install an update to an existing game and after it starts its no longer there. When i reboot it recognizes the m.2 but crashes yet again. Please help It's been 2 weeks ;-;