Question Layer 3-0 & -1 (Just Questions)? About PC Privilege Layers.

Aug 14, 2019
Hi, my name is AntiCorp. redundant I know just wanted to say hi. My question today is something perhaps im not understanding. Ring 3 is the application layer. Ring 2 is Device driver & ring 1 is device drivers? and lastly, Ring 0 is the kernel. I have been exploring this for quite some time now trying to understand what this means per se. By that, I mean what is the Difference between Ring 2 and 1 Drivers. Just privilege levels? and the kernel. how is that even interfaced with? Windows drivers? or is that the layer above. The last question for this post Ring -1 is there currently anything below this and I have heard the layer -1 is a Hypervisor. is this correct and what is a hypervisor. I was experimenting with KVM's with GPU passthrough and I see this in the Linux Files. and I guess I just don't understand. I get layer 3 to make perfect sense.

So to recap

What is the difference between Layer 2 & 1?

What does ring 0 even modify I get the kernel but can I have an example?

lastly. Hyper visors I have looked into it but I don't understand it. What is Ring -1 does this actually exist and What does it modify?

This info is purely to learn how applications modify and interface with the PC and how they work.

Thanks. Anti
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I don't have all the answers but I see what I can do :)

rings 1 & 2 are hardly used, many operating systems only use 2 rings, kernel & user - - this might help you with the differences as well

part 2 of this mentions what ring -1 is, not sure if its helpful - I link part 1 as it might help as well, and link to part 2 is at bottom of page -