Layout of GeForce FX5950 and 6800


Jun 26, 2004
I already have the GF 5950 Ultra , but I want to buy the 6800 Ultra .. I already have watercooling for my gfxcard , so my question is; is the ram and gpu in the same place in the new 6800 ultra as in GF fx 5950 Ultra ?

My cooler cools both the ram and gpu (Like Gainward's cooling)
Actually there is a slight difference, but it's nothing but a benifit really, no ram on the BACK of the GF6800 series.

<A HREF="" target="_new">Good Side-by-Side comparison FX5950U/GF6800U</A>

So if you were cooling both sides you can sell part of your setup, and if you were only cooling the front before then now you have access to all the ram. :cool:

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