Question LCD display type issue MStar Demo

Apr 28, 2019
hello guys i got a Onida 21.5 inch LCD tv which i use as my monitor but the problem is my pc with msi Nvidia gtx 1660 detects the Display as MStar Demo and the image/video displayed is very very bad ,i mean whatever resolution i change to the display still remains the same ,the fonts are looking like garbage, especially gaming at 1080p looks like 800x600 even on high settings (Apex Legends,Csgo). The Resolution is not Stuck i think its the Mstardemo display type issue by Nvdia side, while running on my Ryzen5 2400 Apu it is completely normal and display is Legit (The DISPLAY TYPE IS BLANK),but when i use Nvdia gpu then it show display type MStar Demo and i am 100% sure it is from MStar demo problem.
what the hell is Mstardemo there is no forum discussions or issues on google about mstar demo .Now using the gpu is completely waste of money ,i cant even see enemies clearly on my screen,looks like pixels are having sex with each other it really hurts my eyes.
most probably looks like issue is from monitor side but while using Radeon Amd Apu it is normal and quiet Beautiful. Is there anything i can do from Nvdia stuffs like settings/dch drivers?
Interface used- HDMI
O/S - Windows 10 version (1903)
Processor - Ryzen 5 2400g
GPU- Gtx 1660
also i used my old Nvdia gpu(gt 730) the problem occured there too ,so kinda sure it happens on nvdia side.