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Question [LCD Experts Help Required] Thomson old lcd permanent installation mode


Oct 11, 2017
Hello everyone and thanks for reading.

So, my issue is the following. A few months back i bought a dirt cheap lcd tv as a temporary replacement for my kids


Thomson Intuiva 27 -->27LB130S5. Cost ? 25€, general state overall not so good but seller said it works.
When set it up for the kids i noticed a small red "P" on the left bottom corner of the screen. It did not affect functionality so i just left it like that.
After kids got their TV back, it was time to decide what to do with this LCD. I thought that setting it up for a small cpu emulator would be great, so i hooked a cpu and found my first problem.

Overscanning. I have looked up a lot on the net searching for a fix on this particular model and there is none, so the first question is....

Any expert around that knows if messing around with overscanning on these old LCDs?

Then I looked up how to get rid of the red P. I found a page where someone said it mean "production mode" and by a simple button combo it goes away, and it did.

My main problem is that, after looking for things way too much, I ended up entering service menu, and pressed factory reset. All good up to that point, but ever since, every time i turn on the TV it goes straight to initial installation. So I seem unable to get out of this stupid loop.....

Anyone who has had this problem on a thomson lcd or knows about it?

Thanks! and sorry for the messy explanation