LCD HDTV or Computer Monitor for gaming?


Aug 16, 2009
I'm probably going to buy a new hdtv or monitor on black Friday for my pc. Which is better in terms of quality? or are they pretty much equivalent? I was thinking that if I bought a monitor instead I would save some money because its not like I'm going to watch a lot of tv from where I am at the computer anyway, only to play games =).


Nov 26, 2009
There is a notable difference in quality when going this route. Brand to a larger extent matters. Example, SAMSUNG vs Bilo (Walmart Brand) is to a greater extent night and day. For myself, Samsung is nice but overpriced in most cases. LG has kept up on technology very well as well and their prices are reasonable. Vizio can be sorta 50/50 larger screens perform better than smaller screens for them and unfortunately, their contrast leaves their white balance a tad tan. For myself, SHARP has been a long time favorite of mine for using HDTVs as computer monitors. They have been around since the 60's and really focus above all else having a clear picture. They lack in sound a little, but for the most part that is easily remedied. If on a budget, still try to snag a 120hz if possible. I didn't notice the difference at first till i looked at them side by side. With the 120hz there is noticeably less artifacts (the small squares around moving images) making things very impressive to watch. However this also can create a timelag when using it for videogames. Luckily for me, ive had no problems with the one ive tested and now have on the way.

only $699 from 1500

Pay in mind if the TV you find does have lag with 120hz on, you can switch it off.

Aside from 120hz and 1080p, and the brand, check what connections it has. More HDMI ports is always ideal, and check for a Optical port for a sound system.

Also, make sure you have the accessories to do it properly. Make sure your card has HDMI ports. If it doesn't, make sure it has DVI ports and get a converter plug for DVI--->HDMI.

All that said, it is unparalleled to have your computer on a HDTV. Internet, games, Netflix, Hulu, Blueray, other HD streams. Entertainment all in one place. Best of luck! Just waiting for my 46" to get here. :D

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