LCD Monitor Edge Distortion


Aug 23, 2009
Hey guys. I have a Dell SE198WFP LCD flatscreen display, and just recently, it appears that the top and bottom edges are slightly squeezed towards the middle-left of the screen. This is making the entire image appear to be pretty... well, off, but I can't do anything about it as the monitor doesn't have any display options aside from vertical and horizontal positioning! No screen size adjustment, no shape options like trapezoid or pincushion... Every single place I go to says you'll never need them, but I sure as heck need them right now.

I'm at the native resolution(1440x900) and I'm not sure why this is happening. Anyone have any ideas? I have a Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS, if that matters(the control panel has no other options besides what's on the monitor anyway).
If you were running an old CRT, that would probably be caused by a failing power supply inside the monitor. But I really don't know what could cause that problem - though I'd guess its a hardware failure somewhere in the monitor.

Maybe a call to Dell might help. Even out of warranty they are likely to help you diagnose the problem.
LCDs and CRTs operates differently. Those controls you mentioned are to adjust the electron guns in a CRT monitor. LCDs do not use electron guns otherwise they will be called CRTs instead.

Try uninstalling then reinstalling your display driver. If that does not help, then call customer support if the monitor is still under warranty to get an RMA.