Lcd monitor not working properly just blinking


Sep 7, 2009
yesterday i connected my pc to my home lcd tv worked gr8 played some games and movies on that 32 " inch, and after that happiness,i connected it back to my samsung 19" lcd monitor 943nxw.

but here the problem started. after plugging all the things i started my pc, but i couldnt see any of the booting process, completely confused i left it that way and left for 15 minutes, but when i came back, it showed the desktop i was happy again, but now wenever it sleeps (which is after 1 hr) it wakes up after atleast 2 minutes which is very irritating. and some times when i start, it is completely blank just that blue light is blinking so i have to restart it which shows the desktop but not the booting process,

things i tried:-

Re-installation of Drivers:- makes it work perfect i can see the booting process but after it sleep or restarts again the whole thing messes up.

Safe Mode :- i cant see the booting so i cant use this part.

New updates:--

now suddenly it doesnt show my native resolution 1440X 900 i am working on 1600X900 right now and everytime it shows my lcd tv resolution 1368X768(sorry got messed up). its like it is not forgetting the lcd tv experience lol.. but this is annoying me like hell i even tried physically removing the gfx but no solution

the only way left is a complete format.

please help me out did the lcd tv messed up the thing

config:- amd fenom 9550, nvidia 9600gt, windows vista