League of Legends uses integrated GPU


Jan 14, 2013
Never posted here but anyway, I get really low fps in league of legends and I see that my GPU isn't in use when playing. Is there any way for me to force LoL to use my dedicated GPU? I am sure my computer can run it, it's not the best but it can.

Intel Pentium E5200 2.5ghz
4gb RAM
ATI Radeon 4600 series
Windows 7

Please help


Apr 23, 2012
it is not ussing your integrated gpu because if it would be the monitor cable would have to be pluged not in to the dedicated gpu but in the integrated you get low fps in LOL not because of that but most likely cause of software issues your hardware is pretty good for that game try checking your computer usage when playing LOL defore the game open task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+~ and after few minutes of gaming see the cpu usage if it goes over ~80% in general you should use CCleaner to wipe cache that makes Huge difference and also scan your computer from viruses if the problem persists you should check the temperatures using speedfan the temp. should not go over ~60C if it does you have most likely dust but thats another part of the story.

you can download all the mentioned software from filehippo.com
I personally recommend AVG free edition for anti-virus

Good Luck!