Jun 24, 2006
I know youre to do this if you want a parallel install.

But what if I want to repair my windows install?

My registry and drivers are messed up and I can not log into my system because my keyboards wont work because of the missing files.

Usually there is a R repair option, but its not showing up for me. So what would leave current file system intact do? Would it act like a repair and just reinstall the nessisary files and leave all my other info intact? or will it format everything and reinstall a fresh windows?

My keyboards work in BIOS and everything before the windows login screen. Is there a way i can type my password in dos and log into my system that way? If I could just get past the log in screen I would be fine as my mouse still works.



Jun 29, 2004
when u start the xp setup you should have the options:
1. press enter to install windows
2. press r to enter recovery console(or somethin silmilar)

option 2 will take u to dos
when u press option 1 it should say that you already have windows installed and let u press r to repair installation