Question LED and fans works but no display output

Mar 23, 2019
TL : DR My pc won't boot after putting it to sleep by accident and cutting off the power supply. Need help or suggestion on the issue.

So last night i accidentally clicked sleep instead of shut down on the start menu. Then i wanted to start it up again by pressing the start button just so i can shut it down properly. Instead, im greeted with a black screen and a message stating no video input detected.
Fans and LED light seems to work inside the case, same goes for my gpu fan. My pc runs totally fine before this incident so I don't really know what's causing this.

Note: The night this incident occured, i just turned off the power supply switch since i am too tired to bother to try and fix it. So this might be related to my problem somehow? I don't really know.

My specs:
Mobo: asrock ab350m-hdv
cpu: ryzen 3 2200g
ram: 2x4gb ddr4 2400mhz
gpu: sapphire nitro+ rx580 8gb
psu: gamdias astrape e1 550w
storage: apacer panther ssd 480gb
video connector: hdmi
monitor: 24" acer kg241qp

Also, I've tried several methods like resetting cmos, using another gpu or hdd and changing ram sticks on ram slots but had no luck with any of this method.

-I tested the display output with my old gtx750 using vga on my old monitor, i still got the same results
-I did some research on the internet and my problem may be caused by a fried mobo? yet physically the mobo seems fine.
-Usb ports seems to still output power

Can anyone suggest any solutions to this or help identify what's causing the problem?
Mar 23, 2019
Did a bit of testing, i found out it was caused by a faulty psu somehow? Gonna have to buy a new one. Thx for the help though.

Note: would never recommend using gamdias psu. This build was only less than 4 months old.